Our Care

Choosing the right care for you

Once it is clear that either you or a loved one needs extra care and attention then choosing the right type of care and the right care home is the next step. We always suggest that one of the best ways to feel confident about the care you might receive is to visit one of our homes and talk to the residents and staff. Ask the questions that are most important to you and find out about life in the home.

If you’re not sure about something then all of our homes are happy to arrange a trial day where you can come and have lunch, join in with activities and chat to other residents. We want you to be comfortable with the choice you make and will do everything we can to help you make the right one.

Residential Care

You may be someone who is still independent of spirit but, as you get older, finds it more difficult to manage some of the necessities of life. Our homes can help you with these whilst still allowing you to retain control over your daily routine.

We want you to be able to enjoy life and so our residential care is designed to provide you with a comfortable and relaxed environment. Our care can help you with a variety of daily activities such as eating, washing, dressing and mobility, as well as providing a greater level of care for those who need more support if they’re more frail.

Dementia Care

Over three-quarters of a million people are now living with dementia in the UK. Although many are able to receive care in their own home, for those whose need is for greater support in a care home environment, we want to maintain for them, as far as is possible, a life they are familiar with. That means enjoying the same meals, taking part in the same activities, and above all staying in touch with friends and relatives.

Our staff have considerable experience of helping people live with dementia and also understand what it is like for families affected. We want you to feel confident that whichever of our homes is right for you, that you will receive the best person centred care to enable you or your loved ones to continue to take part in life as well as they are able to.

Nursing Care

Nursing care is appropriate for people who need a qualified nursing team available to them 24 hours a day. There can be many different reasons for requiring this level of support, for example, some residents may require rehabilitation following serious illness, such as a stroke or heart attack. Others may have complex physical needs or long-term conditions that require the specialist attention and care that only nursing staff can deliver.

All our nursing support is based on agreeing individual care plans that are drawn up in conjunction with our residents and their families. We look after many complex conditions all within the safe and comfortable environment of our homes, ensuring your dignity and privacy at all times.

Respite Care

We all deserve a break from time to time. That may be a break from looking after yourself, or from looking after someone else. Whether you need care yourself or you are the carer of a relative, we can provide you with the time and space to rejuvenate.

Respite care can be ideal for those people who are seeking convalescence after a spell in hospital, or perhaps an illness at home. We also suggest respite care as a good way of trialing our homes and seeing if you would like to make a longer-term commitment to move home. Regardless of the reason for choosing a respite stay you can be assured that we offer the same high-quality service to our respite residents as we do to our permanent residents.

Respite stays generally last for a minimum of a week to several weeks, although that is entirely up to you and your family.

Becoming part of a community

There is a great fear among some people that going in to a care home means being removed from family and friends and all those daily interactions that they cherish. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We never underestimate the importance of family and friends and actively encourage their continued involvement in the life of our residents. Loved ones can visit at any time and we hope that they will want to join in some of the many activities and events that occur every day. All our homes are communities, and just as with communities outside the home, it is when whole families and their friends get together and share experiences that great memories are made.