About Manorfields

Manorfields is situated less than a ten-minute bus ride away from Derby city centre. It has been offering local people high quality care and accommodation since it opened in 1971, and can now offer warm and attractive surroundings for up to fourty residents. We support people with widely differing care needs, from those who want to remain more independent to those who may need a little more care and attention. Our philosophy at Manorfields is to provide a caring and comfortable environment for our residents, while maintaining their privacy and individuality. We are proud to be very much part of the local community and look forward to continuing to care for its residents for many years to come.

Contact Info

47 Farley Rd Derby DE23 6BW
01332 346248

High quality facilities

All of our bedrooms are individually and tastefully decorated, and offer residents a lovely start to creating a room of their own. We encourage everyone who comes to stay at Manorfields to bring those special personal items of furniture, treasured possessions, and photos to add to their room; our aim is for everyone to feel that they are living in their own home from home.

For those residents that enjoy sitting and relaxing or maybe having a chat with friends or visitors, we have two lounges, a larger one with a TV and a smaller quieter lounge for more reflective moments. We also have a 2 conservatory’s that are a lovely place to sit.

A dedicated team

Our resident’s wellbeing is the top priority of all our staff and they are committed to making everyone’s time with us as happy as possible. Our team has considerable experience in providing excellent care, no matter what the level of need, and they always complement a professional attitude with warmth and compassion so that people are looked after with dignity and respect.

Part of recognising everyone is an individual is working out exactly what care is right for them. We take time to talk to our residents, their families and perhaps their GP in order to create a personalised care plan that reflects not only their needs but also their personality and lifestyle. We regularly review these plans to ensure that all our residents are receiving the care that they need, want and deserve.

Leading a fulfilling life

At Manorfields we believe that getting older shouldn’t stop you having fun. We involve our residents in planning and organizing a timetable of events that reflects their wishes, interests and hobbies. We organise chair based exercises and entertainments throughout the week as well as having an activity coordinator who runs a range of events to suit all tastes.

This can range from pamper sessions to playing games, listening to music or perhaps having a good old-fashioned singsong. Each day is different, and each week varied, so there is always something for everyone to enjoy. Trips out are also an important part of our weekly routine.

Good food is important

Mealtimes are an important part of life at the home, and there is usually quite a buzz in our dining room. It is a time when residents can talk to each other, catch up with friends. All of our meals use good quality ingredients, including fresh fruit and vegetables, to create tasty, nutritionally balanced dishes that everyone really looks forward to.

We can also cater for any special dietary needs should a resident be diabetic, or have a specific food allergy. We work hard to provide a balanced and healthy menu, but should one of our resident’s fancy something in particular or a special treat, then they just have to ask our cook and they will do their best to put it on the menu.

At Manorfields we also understand that everyone enjoys special occasions, so we encourage our residents to invite friends and family to share theirs. It may be to celebrate a birthday, a memorable event in their life, or a family get together, whatever the reason we can help.

We hope that you will enjoy a visit to Manorfields and we are available at any time to help you with making the right care choice for you. Please do not hesitate to call us and ask for our help.